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Prayers collected by the WCC for the time of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Prayers in view of the coronavirus pandemic

At this time when we have to keep physically distant from one another, it is more important than ever that we draw close to one another spiritually, praying together.

A word of prayer from the WCC general secretary:
Hillert-prayer-handsGod of life,
you have promised to be with us every day,
also in difficult days, like in times like these.
Give us
clarity in our minds,
strength in our work and discernment,
rest as we sleep,
peace in our minds.
Be with those
who need help
more than we do ourselves
help us to see what we can offer
from your love.

Each week, we will add a prayer offered by someone in the WCC constituency, interceding together for our one human family.
Prayer from the National Council of Churches in Australia:
A prayer for our nation amidst COVID-19Gracious God,We give thanks anew for your providence and presence.We prayerfully seek your grace, amidst COVID-19 here and overseas.We pray for those in need of healing.We pray for your peace with those who are anxious or grieving.We pray you will continue to strengthen and sustain all those who are serving in response.We pray for your Holy Spirit’s discernment amidst the many choices and decisions facing our national, community and medical leaders.We pray we each might see quickly what more we can do to help those who are vulnerable.This prayer for our nation in the family of nations, with all that is on our hearts, we gather now and pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.
Prayer by Rev. Dr Manhong Melissa Lin, associate general secretary, China Christian Council:
When human life is disturbed, disrupted, and threaten by the novel coronavirus, we pray to you, God of life. Grant us the compassion, humility and self-discipline to value, care about and protect each life.We pray to you, God of mercy, for all who have suffered directly and indirectly during this global pandemic. May you sustain, console, and heal them.We pray to you, God of grace, for all good efforts to rescue life and to maintain people’s health. May you strengthen, guide and protect all who have committed to fight against this disease.We pray to you, God of righteousness, for justice to prevail. May you lead us to combat racism, discrimination, stigmatization and xenophobia with courage in the midst of this health crisis. We pray to you, God of love, for an early end to the transmission of COVID-19 that is harming all, and for life, health and peace for all, through your mercy, grace and loving care, and through human solidarity, integrity and mutual support. Amen.
Prayer by Rev. Jan Berry, Luther King House, Manchester, United Kingdom:
God our refuge,we seek your protection.Protect the vulnerable from illness:those who are old and frail,weakened by years and struggle;those who care for others,expending energy and love;those for whom inability to workmeans hardship and poverty.Protect usfrom the greed and suspicionwhich snatches at our own securitystock-piling and panic-buyingthat deprives others of the necessities of life.Protect us from the shortsightednesswhich sees the germ in our own eyesand ignores the plaguesof hunger, war and violencethat take so many lives each day.Protect us from the isolationthat leads to loneliness and despairdenying the interconnectednessthat links us with one another.God our refugein our panic and fearmay we not lose sight of our common humanitythat makes us one people in you. Amen.


An order of prayer for every morning

While the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva where the WCC has its offices is closed and prayers cannot be held at its chapel, the WCC spirituality team shares a short prayer outline for each day:

Morning Prayer for Tuesday, 7 April 2020
Lord of all creation, you created all human beings, help us to maintain our dignity at all times, especially during this pandemic...
Morning Prayer for Wednesday, 8 April 2020
Incarnate God, who comes into our life to change the stifling order of the world into life-giving freedom! Give us your Spirit...
Morning Prayer for Thursday, 9 April 2020
Come, true light. Come, life eternal. Come, hidden mystery. Come, treasure without name...
Morning Prayer for Monday, 6 April 2020
We thank you, O Lord, Philanthropist, King of the Ages, Giver of all good things...
Morning Prayer for Friday, 3 April 2020
Lord, open our eyes, that we may see you in our brothers and sisters...
Morning Prayer for Thursday, 2 April 2020
Through a hole in the roof, O my God, I am trying to see you; trying to tell you that all your people are suffering...
Morning Prayer for Wednesday, 1 April 2020
Lord Jesus Christ, you who are the light and joy of our lives, grant us your spirit of poverty and protect us from all evil...
Morning Prayer for Tuesday, 31 March 2020
God Almighty, to you who calm the storms and fears in our lives, we pray in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. You hear the suffering and the fears of the world...
Morning Prayer for Monday, 30 March 2020
Merciful God, with all my heart we turn to you...
Morning Prayer for Friday, 27 March 2020
Lord, if you loved me yesterday, why should I be doubtful on this today...
Morning Prayer for Thursday, 26 March 2020
O, Lord, Jesus Christ, dear Shepherd, Giver of salvation, joy and strength...
Morning Prayer for Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Almighty God, you are the way, the truth and the life...
Morning Prayer for Tuesday, 24 March 2020
O Sweet Christ, draw us who are weak to you...