#VaccinesWork frame usage example

A grandfather enjoys embracing his granddaughter with fewer worries after having been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The frame is designed to help people use their influence and their sense of caring to counter fear and misinformation. Following up on the message advanced by nine church leaders appointed as Vaccine Champions during World Immunization Week, the WCC has made available the photo frame with the #VaccinesWork slogan for use in social media.

The frame is available via the Facebook app on cell phones or for download to be combined with an existing photo using a photo editing software of your choice.

In a recent statement, the WCC Executive Committee has acknowledged vaccine hesitancy, fuelled by conspiracy theories, misinformation and misleading theologies” as a problem present in many societies, including within our own churches”.

As a Christian fellowship, it is our duty and moral obligation to publicly challenge rumours and myths and help people access the facts,” WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca said, weighing in on the topic. While moral and ethical concerns also loom over vaccine access and distribution practices, we must take up responsibility and advocate for what is right from a medical, ethical and human rights perspective.”

You can join the cause and raise awareness on the benefits of vaccination:

  • Find out which vaccinations are recommended for you and your family and how you can get them.
  • Help others find reliable information about vaccination, for example at
  • Take a photo of yourself getting vaccinated (or enjoying long-missed social activities after vaccination) and share it in social media with the hashtags #VaccinesWork #WCC. Feel free to use the downloadable frame or Facebook camera effect!

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