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  • Dr Ofelia Ortega: “The vision of prophet Ezequiel became true”

    On 12 October, Dr Ofelia Ortega received a “Illustrious Daughter of the City” award from Matanzas, Cuba. Ortego, former World Council of Churches (WCC) president for Latin America and the Caribbean, also served as a Bossey Ecumenical Institute professor as well as the WCC staff person responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean in the Programme on Theological Education. 

  • Protecting Ethiopia’s church forests

    In many parts of Ethiopia, the forests surrounding churches and monasteries are among the last remaining in the country. They are severely threatened as people cut trees to obtain firewood. The church fights for the preservation of the forests by making local communities more aware of the link between the forests and water availability and by helping them to find alternative livelihoods for themselves and their families.

  • Climate crisis fuels existing water injustice

    2021 has shown how vulnerable and unprepared even wealthy, industrialized countries are in the face of the escalating climate crisis. Devastating flooding, unprecedented heat waves and out-of-control wildfires have hit parts of Europe and North America. Yet this is just a foretaste of catastrophes that have long since become a bitter reality in other parts of the world. They are almost always a matter of too much or too little water. Yet water problems are often the result of discrimination and political failure, especially in times of climate change.

  • Pacific islands in peril, local churches' leader stresses before COP26

    The Pacific islands are in grave danger and at the frontline of global climate change, so that is why the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, known as COP26, in Glasgow is so important for islanders, says Rev. James Bhagwan. He is general secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches, a Methodist minister based in Fiji, and visited Geneva on his way to COP26, in Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow, from 31 October to 12 November.