Prayer card illustrated with procession at White Horse Hill Memorial, Cholwon

God, we believe that we are all God’s creation.

We are all of different ages, different appearances, and different abilities.

Even though we are each different, we are all your children in your image, so we confess that we are one family.

God, you who renew us each day, connect us closer together.

Lead us on the path of love and lead us on the path of a holy life.

In this pandemic, there are strangers who have lost their families, their homes, their hometowns, and all their lives. Let us hear the desperate voices of those who seek help, and please light up our darkened eyes.

Merciful God, remember the children, women, the elderly, the disabled and minorities who suffer in the shadow of killings, terrorism, hunger, and racism. May the weak, who deserve protection, live with dignity, freedom, and safety under the wings of the Lord.

In a world where the justice of the kingdom of God disappears, and the truth is separated, we wait for the spring of history.

God who pours out the blessings of heaven to those who have clear and fine spirits, now that the whole world is suffering from COVID-19, let us be different from the past. Let us re-flower the flower of love and peace in a world where all the dignity of life coexists.

Lord, hear our prayer. Give us the wisdom to straighten out the chaotic mess of the world. Now in this moment, we pray together in Jesus’ name.


Rev. Kim Min Ji
Program Executive of the Human Rights Center,
National Council of Churches in Korea