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Webinar series: Churches on the road to an economy of life and ecological justice

How we manage land and water; what we eat, what we drink; where we source our food from – all have a profound influence on the environment, society, and our health. This reality challenges us to live responsibly on this wonderful creation we know as planet Earth.

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28 July - 18 August 2020

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This four-step webinar series will feature concrete examples of churches and faith communities engaged in efforts for transforming their local context.

The activities are inspired by the WCC’s “Roadmap for Congregations, Communities and Churches for an Economy of Life and Ecological Justice,” a resource rooted to the congregational level of churches’ engagement in ecological and economic justice. Launched in 2019, the roadmap addresses the question of how churches can ‘walk the talk’ on economic and ecological justice in their everyday activities and operations.

Webinar #1 – “Reconnecting in faith with Creation, land and water”
28 July - Watch the recording

Webinar #2 – “Confessing for just and sustainable consumption”
4 August - Watch the recording

Webinar #3 – “For life, not profit – Churches as alternative economic actors and spaces”

11 August, 14:00 - 15:30 (CEST)


In today’s market-driven, money-focused society, churches can (and ought to) be welcoming spaces for the socio-economically disenfranchised, offer respite from relentless consumerism, as well as explore life-affirming economic alternatives (John 17:14-15).

This webinar will bring a range of voices from around the world to share concrete examples of how churches can and are already participating in and promoting community-rooted, life-giving economic and financial practices.

We will have an opportunity to learn about and discuss, among others: how churches and communities can work together and steer micro-credit towards bettering lives; how churches can engage in faith-rooted investments in just and sustainable activities; how churches can be affirming and protective spaces for migrant workers; and how faith-based institutions can support and learn from cooperatives that ensure dignified livelihoods.

Resource persons:

Cynthia Abdon-Tellez
Long-time advocate for migrant workers’ rights. Cynthia is the general manager of Mission for Migrant Workers of the St. John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong.

Rob Fohr
Graduate in business administration and religion, church elder and GEM School alumnus. Rob serves as the Director of faith-based investing and corporate engagement at the Presbyterian Church USA and leads the committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment.

Nana Francois
Faith-driven chartered financial analyst. Nana is Director of membership at FaithInvest and has almost 20 years of experience in financial services, asset management and strategy in the UK and South Africa.

Nerise (Kakay) Pamaran
Activist, pastor serving at the Metropolitan Community Church and GEM School alumnus. Kakay presently directs the Field Education Office of the Union Theological Seminary in the Philippines.

Rev Yusuf Tarigan
Pastor of the Karo Batak Protestant Church (GBKP), father of two children, and passionate believer in community development and micro-finance. Yusuf serves as Executive Director of the Ate Keleng Foundation of the GBKP in Indonesia.


Athena Peralta, Programme Executive for Economic and Ecological Justice, WCC
Annalisse Eclipse, Intern, Economic and Ecological Justice Project, WCC

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This webinar will be live-streamed at

18 August: Webinar #4 – “Powered by faith – Churches promoting renewable energy and climate protection”
(09h00 - 10h30  CEST)
More details coming soon