Cover of COVID-19 Response Framework

Ecumenical Global Health COVID-19 Response Framework

An A4 pamphlet, the framework identifies core challenges and response strategies for a global ecumenical response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also recommends specific actions. This tool provides practical, simple guidelines for action through which faith communities can have an impact for their members and beyond in these challenging times.

Spec: 2 pp; A4; PDF; 4-colour

Rights: World, all languages

Readers: Churches, Christian health organizations advocates, practitioners, researchers, and other key stakeholders

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Collaboration for action

The framework, which is the product of collaboration by more than 40 organizations, provides practical ways to translate the church’s prophetic voice into action in ways that demonstrate love and compassion.

It developed from the monthly online meetings with ecumenical health partners from national Christian health associations, international Christian health organizations and regional conferences of churches from all parts of the world.

An encapsulation of faith engagement with the pandemic, the framework focuses on short- to medium-term responses to protect and preserve lives and livelihoods. It also creates a context for accelerating progress towards longer-term goals for resilience, human sustenance, and development.