Health-Promoting Churches Volume II Cover

“Health-Promoting Churches Volume II: A handbook to accompany churches in establishing and running sustainable health promotion ministries,” edited by Dr Mwai Makoka, WCC programme executive for Health and Healing, maps out a vision for local congregations to act as agents for healing.

“At the heart of this publication is a call to the fellowship, and to each individual, to contribute their unique gifts toward sustaining the health of their loved ones, their communities, and their sisters and brothers across the world,” said Makoka. “We hope this helps us all to re-imagine together a better post-COVID world.”

The handbook includes guidelines, resources and tools to equip and support local Christian congregations in starting sustainable health ministries, as well as a theological and public health basis for health-promoting churches.

Work plans are provided on seven intervention areas: diet, physical exercise, tobacco, alcohol, mental health, tuberculosis, and COVID-19. A monitoring and evaluation framework and guidance on how to address other emerging health issues are also provided.

The handbook also guides local churches to opportunities for strengthening existing efforts in health ministry in a coherent and evidence-based manner.

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