Worship in Limbamba, Cameroon. Photo: John P. Taylor/WCC

Worship in Limbamba, Cameroon. Photo: John P. Taylor/WCC

A pastor has shared firsthand information regarding a dire situation in Cameroon. The pastor’s name and other details are being withheld in an effort to increase security yet still communicate candidly.

No civilian in Bamenda, Cameroon is safe any longer, he reported: “No protection from the military, no protection from the so-called freedom fighters. The situation is such that both military and militia are fighting against the innocent population.”

He further reported that, early each morning in one corner of the town, the militia attacks and kills people, claiming they are supporters of the government. “Then they will shoot, burn and run away,” he said, but a few minutes later, the military will appear at the scene. “They will accuse the same harassed population on the claim that they are hiding and aiding the militia,” he described. “Then a new process of killing and burning will be done now by the military.”

People are still managing - sometimes - to go to church, he reported, but during a recent worship service, the militia came in and stopped the service by beating up Christians and shooting some. “Then we all ran away back home,” he said. “We are only saved from above.”

The church is under serious attack, he continued. “Pastors are beaten daily to near death by both parties,” he said, asking for daily prayers. “But I and others are trying daily to push through and be a help to the broken.”

Their ecumenical bond is strong, the pastor said. "We are bound to work together,” he said. “How united can the church become in the bad times?”

Differences in doctrine seems to melt away in the smell of gun powder and in the face of the pellet, he added. “So please…take up our case to God. Sing for our God to forgive us and bless even the souls of those we will lose today or tomorrow,” he said. “Pray for us trying to brave it and help others who are already broken.”

“Pray for government without a heart or pity in Cameroon. Above all, pray for the return of peace, schools, life and blessings in Cameroon.”

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