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Edinburgh 2010 - international study group on theological education

As part of the Edinburgh 2010 study process, an international study group on theological education has been examining the connection between the catechetical and missional mandates of the church. It has considered how to strengthen the missional aspects of the training and formation of every member of the church, as well as the ordained and lay leaders. Included in the study were educational methodologies, theological study, character development, spiritual formation and the contemporary context. The study group further examined the relation between academy and society, clergy and laity, local and global issues, resources, relevance and gifts.
World Study Report on Theological Education 2009
Challenges and Opportunities for Theological Education in the 21st Century. Pointers for a new international debate on theological education, by the Edinburgh 2010 study group on theological education.
Report on Edinburgh 2010 session on the future of theological edcuation in the 21st century
Challenges and Opportunities for Theological Education in the 21st Century - World Study Report on Theological Education 2009 (draft full version) Edinburgh 2010 study group
World Study Report on Theological Education 2009 - Challenges and Opportunities in Theological Education - short version final
An Evangelical Response to Theme Six Paper of Edinburgh 2010 conference - John M. Hitchen
Diversified Theological Education - Equipping all God's people for Mission - Ross Kinsler
Edinburgh 2010 process and theological education - Dietrich Werner (ETE)
Equipping for ministry and mission - David Harley
Financial Viability in Theological Education in South East Asia - Cheow Lak
Educating for Contextual Mission - Cathy Ross
Training for Mission (TIM Courses) in CWM - Randolph Turner
Short term mission courses - experiences in Queens Foundation GB - Val Ogden
Lay Women, Mission Practises and Theological Thought - Glory E. Dhamaraj
Integral Ministry Training - Robert Brynjolfson, Jonathan Lewis
Ivory Towers - Muddy Grounds - Distinctive spaces, distinctive occupants, distinctive injustice - Jenny Te Paa
Women in and for Mission - Bible Study on Mark 7,24-30 - Sarajoni Nadar
Women Perspectives on Mission and Theological Education - Message Bossey Consultation Dec 08
Weightier Matters - Mission Challenges in the HIV-AIDS and Global Economic Era - Musa W. Dube
Theological Education and Participation in Global Mission - Israel Selvanayagam
Pentecostalism - Theological Education and Ecumenism in Latin America - Daniel Chiquete
Theological Education and different understandings of the Bible - Daniel Chiquete
Ecumenical Youth Formation as an Integral Part of Theological Education - Natalie Maxson and Katerina Pekridou
Theological Education for a World Church - Steven Bevans
Interfaith Learning in Theological Education - Michael Ipgrave
The Federal Theological Seminary in South Africa - Des van der Water
The Senate of Serampore College /(University) at Nineties in India - Ravi Tivari
Reconstructing churches by reconstructing theological education in China - Aiming Wang
Mission in Theological Education - Joshva Raja
Highlights challenges and elements for a master plan for theological education in Sri Lanka - Jayasiri Pieris
Theological Education and The Church - CEVAA Sète, 2001 (in french)
A Reflection on the Role of Theological Schools - Lukas Vischer
Theology as a tool for mission? - Probing the theology-praxis relationship - Theodor Ahrens
African Theological Training in Germany (ATTIG in Hamburg) - Werner Kahl
Theological Training for Migrant Churches in Great Britain - Lynette Mullings
Accreditation and quality of theological education in South Africa - Nico Botha
Missionary Training and Spirituality - Rob Brynjolfson
The Contextualization of Missionary Training - Rob Brynjofson - Jonathan Lewis
Charismatic Spirituality and Theological Education in Europe from a Global Perspective - Allan Anderson
From the Particular to the Global - Locating our Task as Theological Educators in Africa with the Viability Study of WCC - John de Gruchy
Restoring Mission to the Heart of Theological Education - A South African Perspective - Michael McCoy
Curriculum Development in Theological Education in the Senate of Serampore India - Roger Gaikward