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Ecumenical International Youth Day 2024 Toolkit

Young People and Their Voices from the Warzones 2nd Edition
Andrei Ursulean
Stefan Wilson

Young People and Their Voices from the Warzones continues the theme of last year’s Ecumenical Youth Day. Political insurrection and ideologies have permeated the fabric of society. This has caused division and hatred, resulting in the loss of innocent lives.

Addressing the realities young people face in the world today represents a moral imperative for, and a crucial aspect of, peace-building. Through this toolkit, the World Council of Churches, via its Commission on Young People in the Ecumenical Movement (YPEM), invites all member churches and ecumenical partners to participate in this year’s International Youth Day. By doing so, we affirm youth agency and draw attention to the situation of young people living in the realities of wars, conflicts, and injustice, whether in civil or cross-border wars. 

This document is adapted from the 2023 toolkit and contains adaptable resources and suggested ways to observe this day. 

Pastorin Dawn Gikandi: Donnerstags in Schwarz setzt Zeichen in Kenia und anderen Ländern

Unsere Interview-Serie mit Donnerstags in Schwarz-Botschafterinnen und -Botschaftern stellt Menschen in den Mittelpunkt, die eine wichtige Rolle spielen, um die Wirkung unserer gemeinsamen Forderung nach einer Welt ohne Vergewaltigung und Gewalt zu vertiefen. Dawn Gikandi stammt aus Kenia und wurde von der Presbyterianischen Kirche von Ostafrika, die Mitglied des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen (ÖRK) ist, zur Pastorin ordiniert.

La pasteure Dawn Gikandi: la campagne des Jeudis en noir fait parler d’elle au Kenya et au-delà

Notre série d’entretiens avec les ambassadeurs et ambassadrices des Jeudis en noir met en lumière les femmes et les hommes qui jouent un rôle essentiel dans l’amplification des effets de notre appel collectif à un monde sans viol ni violence. La pasteure Dawn Gikandi est une Kényane ordonnée pasteure de l’Église presbytérienne d’Afrique orientale, une Église membre du COE.

Rev. Dawn Gikandi: Thursdays in Black speaks volumes in Kenya and beyond

Our series of interviews with Thursdays in Black ambassadors highlights those who are playing a vital role in increasing the impact of our collective call for a world without rape and violence. Rev. Dawn Gikandi is a Kenyan who has been ordained as a minister by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, a member church of the WCC. 

Webinar will provide new insights on climate-responsible banking

A webinar entitled “Climate-Responsible Banking: A Moral Imperative towards Children“ on 3 July will increase awareness of how investments into new fossil fuel expansion imperil the wellbeing of children, youth, and future generations, to advance actions of faith-based actors and hold accountable those investing in fossil fuels.

Mark your calendar: Be in solidarity on the Ecumenical International Youth Day 2024

On 12 August, the World Council of Churches (WCC) will observe the Ecumenical International Youth Day with the theme "Journey of Justice, Peace, and Unity: A Call to End Violence." This year’s online event will highlight the experiences and resilience of young people and children living amidst conflict, emphasizing the urgent need for peace and support.

Ecumenical International Youth Day 2024

12 August 2024

On August 12th, the United Nations observes International Youth Day. Since 2019, the World Council of Churches has introduced its own Ecumenical International Youth Day through the Youth Engagement desk. Throughout the years, the EIYD has addressed pertinent social issues for young people, such as mental health, issues with indigenous groups, and climate justice. Last year's theme focused on Young People’s Voices from the War zones.  

Online Event- CET time zone