World Council of Churches

A worldwide fellowship of churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service

Institutional issues

Amendments to the constitution and rules
(As adopted by the WCC 9th Assembly) Please note: Further amendments to the constitution have been approved by the WCC 10th Assembly.
Constitution and rules as amended by the 9th Assembly
Please note: Amendments to this document have been approved by the WCC 10th Assembly.
Constitution & rules of the WCC (as submitted for approval to the Assembly)
The WCC's constitution identifies the basis for, and the principles of membership, the purposes and functions, authority, and organization of the Council. Its rules give precise guidance concerning the roles, responsibilities and structure of the Council's various governing bodies, officers, committees, staff and partner organizations, the role of public statements, and the conduct of meetings. The constitution and rules will be submitted to the Assembly for amendment.
Report of the Finance Committee
Report of the Policy Reference Committee
Report of the Programme Guidelines Committee
Report on pre-Assembly programme evaluation