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The World Council of Churches affirms and supports the appeal issued on 24 February 2022 by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kyiv and All Ukraine (Moscow Patriarchate),” said Sauca. Recalling the ties of history and affinity between the Ukrainian people and the Russian people, His Beatitude called directly on President Putin to stop the war, which he likened to Cain's murder of Abel.”

This call must be heard, Sauca said. “WCC makes the same appeal to President Putin, to stop this fratricidal war, and to restore peace to the people and nation of Ukraine.”

WCC statement: WCC urges to stop this war, and to restore peace to the people and nation of Ukraine

In Ukraine, “such a war has no excuse, neither from God, nor from people” (WCC news release, 25 February 2022)

WCC calls for an immediate end to the current armed hostilities (WCC statement 24 February 2022)

WCC gravely concerned for people of Ukraine amid escalating tensions (WCC statement 22 February 2022)

WCC urgently appeals for peace for the people of Ukraine (WCC statement 25 January 2022)