Photo: NCCK

Photo: NCCK

The National Council of Churches in Korea has published a booklet of worship resources for National Reconciliation Week, which is being observed 15-25 June.

“As we commemorate the 70th anniversary of Korean War and pray for the nation’s reconciliation, peace and co-existence, we share a sermon, a prayer, a testimony and a solidarity message that you may use as good worship resources for the National Reconciliation Week,” reads the introduction.

In a special sermon included in the booklet, Rev. Soon Jong Ryuk, moderator of Presbyterian Church of Korea, explores the theme “Let Us Seek Peace with All Our Strength!”

Ryuk writes about the pain of the history of Korean Peninsula, and the role of Christians in bringing about peace. “We should do our best to prevent war and achieve peace,” Ryuk writes. “How is that possible?”

We must ask God for peace, Ryuk urges. “It will not happen automatically, preventing war and making peace,” Ryuk writes. “Peace is not free.”

Other prayers and reflections from across the world are included in both Korean and English.

NCCK resource booklet for the National Reconciliation Week

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