The World Council of Churches is deeply concerned about the violations of the humanitarian ceasefire agreed between Armenia and Azerbaijan on 10 October.

We urge all parties to the conflict to end all military actions immediately, to respect the ceasefire agreement reached in Moscow, and to engage in constructive dialogue aimed at protecting human lives and rights, preventing attacks on civilian infrastructure and places of worship, and achieving a sustainable peace.

Among many other tragic impacts of the conflict already, we were shocked and dismayed by the attack on the Ghazanchetsots cathedral, in which civilians were sheltering at the time. We condemn any targeted attack on one another’s religious and cultural sites.

We pray and hope that religious leaders and institutions, together with decision makers, can join together in concerted efforts for an end to this conflict, for the protection of every human life, for the promotion of interreligious understanding and respect for each others’ communities and holy places, and in cooperation for peace, justice and human dignity.