Collage of poster with Coronavirus restrictions and people praying in a church

The week will invite a time of prayer and reflection on both the lament and the hope expressed and experienced across the world during what has been a year of unprecedented suffering, but also one when churches have worked together in ever new ways to adapt, respond and accompany communities through mental, physical, economical, spiritual, and environmental crises.  

WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca describes the upcoming week of prayer as an opportunity to experience and convey churches’ common allegiance to Christ.

“During the week, we will gather to offer intercessions especially for the most vulnerable and for those who are on the frontline caring for them often under harsh circumstances; and recommit ourselves to active compassion across what separates us, in obedience to the one who had compassion for the crowds and ministered for their healing,” Sauca reflects.

The week of prayer is convened with WCC member churches and ecumenical partners, and will share prayers and spiritual resources produced in response to the pandemic.

A global online prayer service with participation from the eight WCC regions will be convened during the week, and a collection of resources will be made available on the WCC website by 18 March 2021, in English, French, German and Spanish.

Week of prayer on COVID-19 pandemic

WCC resources on COVID-19