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Prior to the central committee meeting, the WCC executive committee will convene on 8 February to finalize the agenda of the central committee, discuss decisions related to the WCC 11th Assembly, review the draft unity statement and support the central committee through expressions of prayer and appreciation.

The central committee agenda includes matters related to the assembly—a report from the Assembly Planning Committee, assembly nominations, the draft unity statement and documents intended for use at the assembly. The central committee may also consider different scenarios for the assembly in the context of the pandemic.

The Working Group on Constitution and Rules will present its work for consideration, and the central committee will also act on WCC membership applications from two churches.

The central committee may also decide how to proceed with the process of the election of a new general secretary.

On 10 February, the central committee will observe Thursdays in Black, wearing black in support of a world free from rape and violence.

From 10-11 February, each WCC region will gather for an opportunity to pray, share and discuss preparations for the assembly – to look forward with hopes and expectations for the assembly. Regional meetings will be led by the WCC president or central committee members, in cooperation with the regional ecumenical organization.

On 13 February, central committee participants will attend local church services, sharing a common prayer with their local parishes.

The closing prayer of the central committee meeting will include an In Memoriam remembrance of central committee members and ecumenical friends who passed away since the last meeting.

This is the second meeting of the central committee using electronic communications.

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