16 June 2022, steering committee members visited the Green village construction site, including the parking, the heating and cooling systems, the bicycles parking, the crèche and some apartments in the Montreal building.


The prayers, on the last day of the WCC central committee meeting on 18 June, focused on the Green Village project, and on caring for creation now and in the future.

Spirit of creation, you hovered over the formless void and separated waters from waters: We ask your guidance in our stewardship of your creation,” reads one of many prayers. We pray for the ongoing work in the Green Village project, that its success will be an example of our stewardship of creation and the pursuit of climate justice.”

Members of a steering committee for the Green Village visited the construction site, toured the parking area, learned about the projects heating and cooling systems, and applauded the large bicycle racking area. They also toured the crèche, and some apartments in the Montreal building.

The Green Village, designed to encourage outdoor gatherings, will offer 60,000 square meters of floor space for the WCC and other organizations.

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WCC Central committee meeting, June 2022

Photos from the WCC central committee meeting, June 2022