A woman carries a bag on her head through the Tahan Market in Kalay, a town in Myanmar. This market is located in Tahan, the largely ethnic Chin section of the town.


"The WCC conveyed its concerns and deep disappointments about the alarming situation in Myanmar during the past two years,” the minute reads. It is with great distress that the WCC has been receiving reports of the arbitrary arrest and detention of civilian political leaders, human rights defenders and journalists, lack of due process for those arrested, the disproportionate and deadly use of force against protestors, and restrictions on independent media and access to information.”

The minute notes attacks by Myanmars military on civilians, schools, health facilities, and churches. We are also concerned about the plight of the many refugees from Myanmar who remain in limbo, including more than one million ethnic Rohingyas from Rakhine State in Bangladesh who Myanmar refuses to recognize as its citizens,” the minute reads.

The WCC central committee usually meets every two years and serves as the chief governing body of the WCC between assemblies. This years meeting is the first since the central committee was elected at the WCC 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2022.

Minute on the situation in Myanmar

Photo gallery of the WCC central committee meeting

WCC central committee meeting, June 2023