Julia Rensberg, from the Church of Sweden

Julia Rensberg, from the Church of Sweden.


Drawing from real-life experiences and case studies, a panel of speakers showcased the impact of their on-the-ground efforts and support of the most vulnerable populations.

The discussion connected the challenges faced by communities with lessons learned, transforming them into opportunities for creating innovative solutions to address climate impacts and foster sustainable societies.

Rensberg delivered a powerful message: "Adaptation to the climate crisis is a luxury. People living on the margins cannot afford it, as the consequences of the climate crisis are already a harsh reality. Recognising that life depends on the earth's health is not just a holistic view but a solution."

Highlighting Indigenous peoples' sacred relationship with the land, Rensberg emphasised that their way of living with nature is vital to just and sustainable adaptation. "Our way of living with nature protects water resources, biodiversity, forests, and oceans. The trees are our planet's best-working lungs, storing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen to us. Protecting the earth is protecting life – a truth for Indigenous people and all of us."

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