Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay delivers the sermon during an ecumenical service at COP28.

World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay preaches as an ecumenical prayer service on the theme of 'Season of Creation' is held in the (Anglican) Christ Church Jebel Ali, drawing together faith leaders engaged in the United Nations climate summit COP28, held in the city of Dubai.


There are many crying out to be heard, to be considered, to be cared for and loved,” said Pillay. Yet we continue with business as usual.”

Today, creation is groaning and suffering, said Pillay. The signs are clear and science tells us the same,” he said. "Humanity is facing a huge change in the climatic system that will affect all human life on planet Earth.”

Food, water, and livelihoods are endangered by a warmer climate, Pillay said. Migration will increase and as a result there will be more social insecurity and violent conflicts might escalate due to scarcity of water and land,” he said. While some of us may perceive climate crisis to be important for us to focus on as Christians, yet many others do not.”

Christians are called to care for the earth because it belongs to God, Pillay urged. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to work for the good of the earth and the glory of God,” he said. There will be no justice when the ecosystems no longer can deliver what we all depend on for our life.”

People of faith are called to act and to act now, Pillay said.The interest to profit from fossil fuels is bigger than the interest of justice and especially intergenerational justice,” he said. COP28 is pivotal for the future of the living planet, our common home, and for our children and future generations.”

The science is crystal clear, said Pillay. Governments have to act now on phasing out fossil fuels which account for 75% of greenhouse gas emissions,” he said. We must support young people in their efforts to protect their future and to ensure a sustainable living planet.”

Watch the recording of the sermon

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