WCC Publications

WCC Publications

The first, “Love and Witness,” intends to flesh out more fully the insights of “Come and See,” a theological invitation to the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, with regard to peace and religious plurality.

“Love and Witness” seeks to engage with the insights of WCC member churches and others to ask what our many traditions can say together as we journey towards visible unity about the encounter with other religions that will necessarily be a part of the pilgrim way.

“Cultivate and Care” addresses the climate emergency, demonstrating that the churches’ journey toward visible unity must include a sustained dialogue with a theology for justice for and within creation and seek ways to put the fruits of that dialogue into practice.

This theological document seeks to demonstrate how a committed response to the environmental devastation of our time can be motivated by Christian faith in God the creator, redeemer, and sanctifier.


"Cultivate and Care"

"Love and Witness"

WCC Faith and Order Commission to convene online (news release 12 January 2021)

WCC Faith and Order Commission publishes two volumes on moral discernment (news release 16 January 2021)