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The World Council of Churches (WCC) has strongly condemned the latest attacks and atrocities reported to have been committed by the so-called “Islamic State” against Christians in Syria.

A statement issued on 25 February from the WCC headquarters in Geneva has expressed grave concern over the recent reports of attacks on Christian settlements, killings of civilians, abduction of some 100 people and provocation towards a mass exodus of communities.

“The World Council of Churches denounces these and all other attacks against this diverse social fabric, on which rest the prospects for an inclusive society and sustainable peace,” said Georges Lemopoulos, acting general secretary of the WCC.

“The WCC condemns all violent attacks against civilians as war crimes and crimes against humanity, whoever may commit them,” he said.

“We call for effective measures by the international community to protect civilians and the targeted communities from further attacks, and to ensure the perpetrators’ accountability for their crimes,” added Lemopoulos.

Read full text of the WCC acting general secretary’s statement

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