WCC central committee 2018

Participants of the WCC central committee meeting gathered at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva on June 2018.


With regard to Kyoto, the first office building in Green Village, a Swiss institutional investor now benefits from a period of exclusivity, with a view to a possible acquisition. Kyoto will be the largest building in the Green Village and its sale will be significant for the project.

The WCC executive committee has supported the approach to banks to seek bridging finance for the Kyoto construction, in case this may be required.

Preliminary financial results 2021 present total income of CHF 21.9 million, increased from 2020 (when total income was CHF 21 million, without land sales). With total expenditure at CHF 20.9 million, the WCC reported a net increase in funds and reserves of CHF 1 million. While preliminary at this stage, these results also present a solid basis for this year, with general reserves steady, and the opportunity to meet the WCC executive committees guidance concerning the allocation of membership contributions to the assembly fund.

The WCC central committee is meeting via videoconference 9-15 February to prepare for the WCC 11th Assembly, address business matters, and strengthen the WCC fellowship through sharing and prayer.


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