Irpin, Kyiv region, Ukraine

August 2022: Irpin, Kyiv region, Ukraine.


The Christian commitment to the sanctity and preservation of lives is fundamental,” said Pillay. Accordingly, we reaffirm our position that war is incompatible with Gods very nature and will for humanity and against our core Christian and ecumenical principles.”

Pillay also noted the worldwide economic turmoil resulting from this conflict. It has driven much deeper divisions in the international community at a time when much greater international cooperation is urgently needed to respond to the collective global threat of climate change,” said Pillay. A sustainable future for the entire living planet may yet prove to be the wars greatest casualty.”

Pillay called for an immediate end to the conflict. 

“We demand respect for human rights and international humanitarian law – especially regarding the protection of civilians – and for all the laws and institutions created in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War to protect the people of the world from the horrors of war,” he said. We demand full accountability for all the crimes committed against these principles.”

He also stressed the principles of freedom of religion and belief.

We pray for the restoration of our humanity and morality,” Pillay concluded. Within the ecumenical movement, we pray for a renewal of commitment to the churches’ calling to be witnesses against the prevailing logic of the world – the logic of violence and imposed power – and for peace and the fullness of life which God desires for all Gods people.”

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