Samson Waweru wearing a white t-shirt and holding a microphone

Reflecting on the importance of prayer, Samson emphasized its role in establishing a direct connection between humanity and God. He shared that prayer is not only a means of expressing desires but also a source of solace during challenging times. For Christians, prayer is at the core of their relationship with God, revealing divine power and making existence meaningful.

"Prayer brings humanity in a direct conversation with God, manifesting God's loving kindness and mercy, especially in the most troubling moments,” said Waweru.

Discussing the theme for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – "You shall love the Lord your God... and your neighbor as yourself" – Waweru underscored the inseparable link between love for God and love for one's neighbor. He believes that demonstrating love for God on earth involves expressing it through mercy, compassion, and goodwill toward fellow human beings.

"The love for God is doing His will on earth, and expressing it through acts of mercy and compassion towards our fellow human beings,” said Waweru.

In the context of Kenya, a nation with a diverse population and religious affiliations, Waweru acknowledged the unique challenge of embracing the theme of love for God and one's neighbor. He highlighted ongoing efforts by religious leaders, the government, and citizens to overcome barriers and foster unity, including recent prayer events that brought together various denominations and emphasized inclusivity.

"In Kenya, resonating with the theme of love for God and one's neighbor is a unique challenge, but there are concerted efforts to overcome divisions and promote unity,” shared Waweru.

According to Waweru, true Christian unity is realized when individuals manifest Christ's love for God and humanity through actions. It involves fervent prayers coupled with a mission to seek and uplift the downtrodden, less fortunate, and lost, promoting the values of peace, justice, and inclusivity.

In the face of global conflicts, climate issues, and increasing secularization, Waweru emphasized the need for the Holy Spirit's guidance. He encouraged the nurturing of young minds to uphold Christian values, urging mentorship for the youth as they play a crucial role in bringing stability and promoting peace." The world needs the Holy Spirit of God to enable us to see God in one another, and it's time to nurture the youth to bring about stability through Christian values,” he added.

In these troubling times, Waweru offers a message of hope to Christians worldwide, reminding them of God's enduring love and the promise of deliverance from all challenges. He encourages faith and hope, emphasizing that God will not abandon anyone, regardless of their circumstances.

"God's ineffable love is with us from the beginning of time to the ages. Have faith and hope for God's deliverance from all wrath, tribulation, danger, and necessity,” said Waweru.

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