Group photo with banners for peace in Korea

Participants of the “CHURCHA” workshop at the CCA assembly “Reconciliation with God’s Creation for Moving Beyond Conflicts and Building Peace”, coordinated by the National Council of Churches in Korea.


The lines of confrontation on the Korean Peninsula are becoming clearer,” reads the statement. We pray that the cycle of conflict and tension may be broken and for a move toward a path of peace.”

The statement further notes that war can break out at any time. To break the cycle of conflict, tension, and escalating confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, a strong decision to move from a declaration of war to a peace agreement is needed,” the statement reads. The current confrontation on the Korean Peninsula is not the right choice for the future, as it will only increase armaments and the social costs of tension.”

The statement reflects that treating others with violence and antagonism is never God's way.

Indeed, escalation of confrontation cannot lead to peace,” said Peter Prove, director of the WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs. On the contrary, especially in such a tense situation as that which exists on the Korean Peninsula, it carries a far greater risk of armed conflict whether by design or by accident.”

Prove noted that, with nuclear weapons involved, the consequences of any such conflict would be truly catastrophic for the people of the region and the world.

We call on the international community to promote steps on the safer path of dialogue and engagement for peace, rather than the perilous way of military and economic confrontation,” Prove said.

CCA Assembly statement "70 Years After the Armistice: A Statement for Reconciliation and Peace on the Korean Peninsula"

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