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Congratulations to Zimbabwe church leaders on Victoria Falls communiqué

Letter to Bishop Dr Ambrose Moyo, President of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches

02 August 2001

Letter to Bishop Dr Ambrose Moyo of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe, President of Zimbabwe Council of Churches

Dear Bishop Moyo,

We have read with deep appreciation the communiqué issued by the Heads of Denominations at your retreat in Victoria Falls in mid-July. It was a particular pleasure to see that three senior members of the Government and the ruling party accepted your invitation for extensive conversations.

According both to your communiqué and press reports in Zimbabwe, you have addressed straightforwardly the critical issues of the day facing your country and its people. You have done so based on your responsibility to proclaim the Gospel values of justice, peace and love for one's neighbour. This you have done in a non-partisan way, openly and transparently and with the most vulnerable of the citizenry much at heart. In this way, you have responded to the call of the Harare Assembly which reiterated the appeal of the early ecumenical movement:: "Let the Church be the Church".

We have been particularly impressed by the commitment the church leaders expressed to continue to give witness in their life and worship to stemming the tide of violence, to promote peace, to care for the victims of injustice without distinction, and to continue through dialogue with all those involved in the politics of the nation to promote the values of democratic governance.

I look forward eagerly to being with you again briefly in late August to renew our friendships and to do all that I can to bring the weight of the worldwide ecumenical movement to bear in support of the principled positions you have taken.

May God continue to guide you and to bless your efforts as followers of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Yours ever in His name,

Konrad Raiser
General Secretary