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1 September 2022, Karslruhe, Germany: WCC central committee moderator Dr Agnes Abuom recognizes future and past WCC general secretaries at the 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches, held in Karlsruhe, Germany from 31 August to 8 September, under the theme "Christ's Love Moves the World to Reconciliation and Unity." Seated behind Abuom, from left to right: Konrad Raiser, Raiser's wife Elisabeth, Samuel Kobia, Olav Fykse Tveit, and gs-elect Jerry Pillay.


She acknowledged former general secretaries, Rev. Sam Kobia (Methodist Church of Kenya), Rev. Prof. Dr Konrad Raiser (Evangelical Church in Germany), and Bishop Olav Fykse Tveit, presiding bishop of the Church of Norway, referring to them as "stalwarts of the movement,” adding that we have drawn a lot of knowledge from you in our work.” 

Abuom advised Pillay to converse with the outgoing general secretaries and "draw from their fountains because we have a continuum in the movement." By January 2023, Pillay will take over as WCC general secretary. 

During the business plenary, the six assembly committees laid out the tasks and procedures that must be followed for the assembly to be successfully conducted. The following committees, among others, delivered initial reports during the plenary: nominations, finances, program guidelines, policy reference, message, and public issues.

In addition, the public issues committee offered eight potential statement titles: War in Ukraine: Peace and Justice in the European Region, The Living Planet: Seeking Just and Sustainable Communities, The Things that Make for Peace: Moving the World to Reconciliation and Unity, Justice and Peace in the Holy Land: Preconditions for the Future of Christian Communities and Social Cohesion in the Middle East, Christian Witness and Action for Human Dignity and Human Rights, Confronting Racism and Xenophobia: Overcoming Discrimination, Ensuring Belonging, Global Health and Wellbeing, and New and Emerging TechnologiesEthical Challenges.

The public issues committee, along with the other assembly committees, requested contributions from the delegates of the 11th assembly during the committee presentations.

Abuom reminded the delegates of the assembly's theme and the "spirit of togetherness and prayer.” She referred to the gathering as a safe space for dialogue and a platform for expression.

Before the plenary session ended, Archbishop Dr Vicken Aykazian (Armenian Apostolic Church) fervently reminded the delegates and leaders of the WCC 11th Assembly that it was impossible to ignore the injustices and atrocities committed against people all over the world. He firmly asserted, This assembly should not go without mentioning the atrocities done to those people,” and that "Whenever injustice is done to any people in the world, it's our moral responsibility to defend."

Vicken continued, This organisation (WCC) should be a moral organisation and take care of every nation, every minority, every people that are suffering,”

Livestream of the WCC 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany

Photos of the WCC 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany

WCC 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany