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The Nature and Mission of the Church - Presentation by Rev. Prof. Viorel Ionita

The Porto Alegre statement «Called to be the One Church», with all the reactions from the churches to it, should be used to help Faith and Order Commission develop The Nature and Mission of the Church into a common statement, proposes the Very Rev. Prof. Dr Viorel Ionita in his contribution to the discussion on the future of the study "The Nature and Mission of the Church".

Commission on Faith and Order

Faith and Order: Emerging coherence and changes of patterns

The Faith and Order Plenary Commission meeting, which took place in Kolympari, Crete, 7-13 October 2009, has come to an end. Participants noted an emerging coherence between the three current studies on Nature and Mission of the Church, Sources of Authority and Moral Discernment in the Churches. A tendency to give more space to an "ecclesiology from below" based on the concrete experience of "being church in a particular context", rather than describing the church theoretically "from above", was encouraged.

One foot in the past and one in the future

Because unity is finally a gift of God, "it demands a profound sense of humility and not any prideful insistence." With this call to the "never-ending search" for unity of the church, which "is also an ever-unfolding journey", Patriarch Bartholomew I opened the 7-14 October meeting of the Faith and Order Plenary Commission, in Kolympari, Crete, Greece.

Churches must be "salt of the earth"

How does the church interact with a rapidly changing society? On 31 August, members of the World Council of Churches Central Committee spent much of the morning discussing this question in a pair of plenary sessions in Geneva.