Reports, Affirmations and Challenges from the Ecumenical Conversations at the WCC 10th Assembly


EC 01. Called to Be One: New Ecumenical Landscapes

EC 02. The Church: Towards a Common Vision

EC 03. Transformed by Renewal: Biblical Sources and Ecumenical Perspectives

EC 04. Moral Discernment for Life, Justice and Peace

EC 05. We Must Pray Together to Stay Together

EC 06. Developing Effective Leadership: Contextual Ecumenical Formation and Theological Education

EC 07. Together towards Life: Mission in Changing Contexts

EC 08. Evangelism Today: New Ways for Authentic Discipleship

EC 09. Community of Women and Men in the Church: Mutual Recognition and Transformative Justice

EC 10. Exploring Christian Self-Identity in a World of Many Faiths

EC 11. Bonded with the Marginalized for a Just and Inclusive Church

EC 12. The Earth Community Groans: A Call to Ecological Justice and Peace in the Face of Climate Change

EC 13. An Economy of Life: Overcoming Greed

EC 14 Human Security: Sustaining Peace with Justice and Human Rights

EC 15. The Way of Just Peace: Building Peace Together

EC 16. Religions Working Together for Peace and Freedom

EC 17. The Korean Peninsula: Ecumenical Solidarity for Justice and Peace

EC 18. Middle East: Whose Justice, What Peace?

EC 19. Churches’ Advocacy for Children’s Rights

EC 20. Health and Healing Ministries

EC 21. Compelled to Serve: Diakonia and Development in a Rapidly Changing World

Appendix – PROK Recommendations for Decade of Global Action for Peaceful Settlement in Korean Peninsula