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Meditation 10 May - from Jerusalem churches

A message for the Mission and Evangelism Conference in Athens

We bring you greetings from all the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem and their various communities as you gather to consider the next stage in the work of Mission and Evangelism of the Christian Churches.

This Cross is a token of our love and prayers that God will richly bless all of you and guide your deliberations. It was made by Christian craftsmen in Bethlehen, whose very livelihoods are in danger because of the on-going situation in the Holy Land.

Conference on World Mission and Evangelism

Meditation 15 May - Kobia at Aeropagus

“The Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and remind you of all that I have said to you”
(John 14:26)

In the fourteenth chapter of John we find Jesus expounding on ideas and concepts that the disciples find rather difficult to comprehend. Jesus is teaching them about the way, the truth, the life, and love.

General Secretary

Meditation 14 May Doc 1 Closing worship

Our three Bible texts are stories about how people have used their hands and arms in positive and beautiful ways. They have used their hands and arms to give healing, extend comfort and bring reconciliation to people they know and people they don’t know. By doing this they have also revealed something of themselves and they have also offered glimpses of who God is. Through all their embracing and reaching out, God’s love is always the starting point and the reconciliation and healing of human beings is always the future hope.

PLEN 14 May - Kiribati

The presentation by the Rev. Dr Pepine Iosua focuses on how people in Kiribati understand and struggle with the impacts of climate change, especially "sea rise", on the pacific understanding of the creation understanding, and what the reconciling and healing mission of God to these people and to the world at large is.

Member church

PLEN 14 May - Youth message

As the representatives of the youth of the Christian community all around the world we now deliver you a message and urge you to listen.

How old was Jesus when he first delivered His message? According to the WCC standards He would have been considered a youth. He would have been placed into a special category, offered a pre-conference and have a lovely misspelled T-Shirt.

Conference on World Mission and Evangelism

Meditation 10 May - Opening prayer

“All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself,
and gave us the minsitry of reconciliation.” 2 Cor.5.18
We bring you greetings of Salam from the Mother-City of our faith, from Jerusalem. These greetings come from all who have been baptised in the name of Jesus, most of whom are Arab Palestinian Christians, who have kept the faith for close on 2000 years.

Conference on World Mission and Evangelism

March 2005

WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia visits WCC member churches in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Meetings with WCC members and partners, church leaders and government representatives are scheduled for all three countries.

January 2005

<span style="font-weight: bold; "» Orthodox pre-Assembly meeting