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"Storytelling, whether in-person or online, is the backbone of the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace" - interview with WCC deputy general secretary Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri

Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri, World Council of Churches (WCC) deputy general secretary for Public Witness and Diakonia, reflects on how the WCC’s Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, though forced to change during COVID-19, has nonetheless brought gifts to the WCC and to the world.

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Advocacy Outline - WCC Easter Initiative 2021

De-facto annexation is a reality today where Jesus walked 2000 years ago. With this Easter initiative we want to highlight the situation in the Holy Land – though the threat of formal annexation of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank may have temporarily receded, occupation continues to profoundly and negatively impact the lives, livelihoods, and human rights of the Palestinian people.

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Seven Weeks for Water 2021, week 6: "A universe reborn: in the context of Standing Rock", by Archbishop Mark MacDonald

The 6th reflection of the Seven Weeks for Water 2021 of the WCC’s Ecumenical Water Network is written by Archbishop Mark MacDonald.*  In the following reflection, he recognises that Jesus and his ministry are closely associated with water. Then he goes on to recall his presence at the Standing Rock protests in 2016 along with other clergy and indigenous water protectors.  He felt, at that time, that Jesus was also present beside them at the Standing Rock to protect its waters.