Your Holiness,

We have received with shock the terrible news of the terrorist attacks in the Moscow Metro. On behalf of the World Council of Churches allow me to express my compassion with all victims and their families. This is an attack bringing fear and hatred into the life in common of the entire Russian Federation. I am confident that in the fellowship of World Council of Churches we are praying for the victims and mourning together with their relatives, and for a peaceful future of your country.

Terrorist attacks which break lives of innocent people are a sin against God who offers life as a divine gift.  These terrorist attacks are even more painful to us because they were committed during the Holy Week when we, all Christians, are reflecting on our Lord Jesus Christ’s sufferings for us and our salvation and prepare ourselves to celebrate His Resurrection.

May God heal the deep wounds caused by these terrorist attacks! May the Lord of life protect us all from the aggressions of hate and intolerance!

Sincerely yours in Christ, our common Lord,

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
WCC general secretary