Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

International interfaith memorial and prayer service, the Netherlands, 2018, Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

“Let us all pray for the strength and insight we need to foster interreligious and intercultural dialogue,” said Sauca. “Let us affirm together that tolerance, mutual respect, and the diversity of religions and beliefs promote human fraternity.”

Sauca will take part in different events during the day that focus on the significance and value of unity among our one human family.

He will offer a greeting to the Higher Committee on Human Fraternity on establishing the International Day of Human Fraternity. The initiative to designate an International Day of Human Fraternity was led by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity, of which the WCC is a member, together with Al Azhar, the Vatican, and other worldwide religious and cultural figures and institutions.

On 4 February, Sauca will join other religious, UN and civil rights leaders for a virtual event hosted by the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations in Geneva.

He will also speak at a panel discussion during the first edition of the International Human Fraternity Summit, hosted by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, under the theme "Human Fraternity for Working Together to Achieve a Better Future.”

He will reflect on the topic “How Human Values Help Eliminate Racism Among Societies,” speaking about how increasing morals and integrity can help pave the way toward eliminating racism and discrimination.

On 4 February, the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity will host as well the Zayed Award for the Human Fraternity Ceremony. The award is given as part of the first International Day of Human Fraternity, and second anniversary of the signing of the Document on Human Fraternity, in recognition of the ongoing efforts of leaders and religious figures in cooperation to promote peace, harmony and intercultural dialogue in the world.

Established in 2019, the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity was born out of signing of the Document on Human Fraternity.

About the International Day of Human Fraternity

The International Day of Human Fraternity was created when the Higher Committee on Human Fraternity met with UN secretary general António Guterres in December 2019 and presented a letter containing the proposal for the internationally recognized day. Since the committee could not present the proposal to the assembly—only a member state can do that—it asked the United Arab Emirates to present it and coordinate efforts to gain the necessary support from UN member states.

On 4 February 2019, Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, signed the historic “Document on Human Fraternity” in Abu Dhabi. The UN General Assembly’s resolution specifically refers to that significant event in Christian-Muslim relations as the inspiration for the date.


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