Girls praying, Indonesia

Photo: Paul Jeffrey/Life on Earth Pictures

This sacred time, which marks the end of Ramadan, is a profound moment of reflection, gratitude, and celebration, embodying the enduring spirit and deep faith that guides millions around the globe in their daily lives,” wrote Pillay. In these challenging times, as the world navigates through trials of unprecedented scale, the Islamic principles of compassion, solidarity, and living a life of dignity and peace shine as beacons of hope and pillars of strength for all humanity.”

Pillay noted that the WCC honors the common ground that unites Christians and Muslims. 

In a spirit of solidarity, we stand with you, motivated by a collective vision of a world where every person, irrespective of faith or background, can lead a life marked by dignity, peace, and prosperity,” Pillay wrote. This vision urges us to collaborate, in fraternity and mutual respect, to forge pathways of understanding and contribute to the common good of all.” 


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