Young people gathering for a discussion in a group

37th Session of the World Student Christian Federation General Assembly takes place in Berlin, 23 June - 1 July 2022.


The peace and love of Christ Jesus be upon as all,” said Sauca. As the forerunners of the ecumenical movement, the World Student Christian Federation has a very special place in the World Council of Churches and the global ecumenical movement.”

In fact, Sauca noted, Christian young people and students paved the way to the creation of WCC in the late 1930s. History informs us of the crucial and key role of young people and students in the many transformations we witness in both the church and the society,” he said. This role persists and thus we see the movement continue to flow in todays generation and beyond.”

The theme of the World Student Christian Federation General Assembly this year is Rejoicing in hope.”

Sauca asked: Where do we find hope? This is a similar question that the WCC 11th Assembly will ask our member churches, ecumenical partners, and people of goodwill this September in Karlsruhe, Germany,” he said.

Greetings from the WCC Acting General Secretary to the WSCF General Assembly, Berlin