Tallinn Old city with church towers

Saint Olaf's Church in Tallinn, Estonia.


Pillay expressed appreciation for the Conference of European Churchescontribution to the WCC 11th Assembly.

Despite many difficulties on the way that led to our gathering in Karlsruhe, the WCC 11th Assembly made clear the deep commitment to the goal of visible unity, and a renewed focus on ecumenical spirituality and on ecclesiology that begins with baptism,” reads the WCC message. What do Europes churches have to offer today? This question is in your hands.”

Pillay shared hope that CECs assembly will help to continue to shape the role of churches as reconciling communities.

The churchesrole in bringing unity and peace—particularly as we address the Russian invasion of Ukraine—is crucial,” Pillay reflected. Only by keeping a collaborative dialogue open can we as churches seek unity amongst ourselves—and then actually work towards seeking peace in the context of Ukraine and Russia.”

Pillay urged pursuing peaceful solutions together. And, together, let us ask what God has called us to do,” he added. Apart from peacemaking and unity, Christians are called to be salt and light in the world as we hold out hope and life in Christ to a struggling and broken world.”

WCC message of greetings at the 16th General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches

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