keynote speakers at the Curious2022 conference

"The WCC has mobilised faith communities and partners around climate solutions for many decades at global, regional and local levels»,” said Seidel at the event.

Seidel explained that thanks to the Keeling Curve Prize received in 2019, WCC helped to support churches in 120 countries to accelerate behaviour change for and with children and young people. The activities are anchored in success stories of teenagers who, through their Sunday schools and summer camp initiatives, managed to influence policies and legislations for a reduction of CO2 emissions.

"During the implementation of the project, some teenagers expressed dismay over banks and pension funds continuing to finance fossil fuels which accelerate global warming. However, the flexibility of the prize quickly led us to react. In addition to capacity building for child and youth initiative, we started a parallel effort: Helping adults use the power they can have on their bank’s choices,” said Seidel.

The Keeling Curve Prize enabled WCC to publish a research paper, "Climate-Responsible Finance: A Moral Imperative towards Children", showcasing champions among members and partners who led by example ask their banks to increase their ambitions to align with the resolutions of the Paris Agreement.

Organised by the science, technology and healthcare company Merck, The Curious2022 - Future Insight™ conference is a hybrid event from 12-14 July on-site in Darmstadt, Germany, and online. The event brings scientists, and entrepreneurs, including Nobel laureates, leaders of the Club of Rome and numerous other science and technology leaders, to present their work and explore the future of science and technology, solving the challenges of today and enabling the dreams of a better tomorrow.

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