Burning candle

He served as an assistant to the secretary general of the National Council of Churches of Burundi from 2002-2007, after which he served his church, the United Methodist Church in Burundi, as bishop.

He hosted solidarity visits from the WCC, All Africa Conference of Churches, and Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa, and coordinated dialogue between heads of state and religious leaders.

In 2016, he traveled to Nairobi to advocate for peace and reconciliation in Burundi. He led a group of servants of God to meet with leaders from the East Africa led by Ambassador Ndugu Joseph Wariyoba, former prime minister of Tanzania.

In 2017, he traveled to Arusha together with other Burundian religious leaders to once again advocate for peace and reconciliation. In Arusha, Burundi religious leaders discussed the contribution of religious leaders in promoting peace and reconciliation and preventing genocide.

He was known by his colleagues as a humble person who listened to others, observed, and worked for peace with skill and spirit.