The members of the planning group

The members of the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism planning group, November 2023, Geneva, Photo: WCC

Among other topics, the group discussed how its work will move with the WCC Pilgrimage of Justice, Reconciliation, and Unity. They also explored how the work of the commission intersects with other programmes of the WCC, including the Faith and Order Commission, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, Health and Healing, and others. 

Fundraising and reconnecting with partners were also on the agenda. 

The planning meeting provided a space for generative conversation about the framing of the work of the commission to be consistent with the WCC Strategic Plan and the direction from the WCC 11th Assembly, noted commission moderator Rev. Michael Blair.

"There is great excitement and anticipation as the planning group considered how it will structure itself, leaning into the use of online technologies for its own meetings but also as a way to engage member churches, affiliates and other partners,” said Blair. Deepening the work on transforming discipleship and mission from the margins; decolonizing our work and engagement in the world and ecumenical movement; partnerships with other commissions—and particularly with Faith and Order on Nicaea 2025—were all part of the framing of the work of the commission. We are looking forward to working together.”

Rev. Dr Peter Cruchley, director of the Commission for World Mission and Evangelism, said the planning group meeting has given the commission fresh impetus and energy. “The ideas, challenges, and affirmations shared gave an important sense of solidarity as well as creatively contextualising and grounding the issues we are addressing,” he said. This helps us reach across the remote global divide to think about and see how these issues are deeply rooted in the communities and churches to whom the commission belongs.”


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