Brian speaking at Tax justice event

Brian Muyunga speaking at the 2023 African Parliamentarians Network on Illicit Financial Flows and Taxation event.

The 2023 African Parliamentarians Network on Illicit Financial Flows and Taxation organised by the Tax Justice Network Africa, aimed to bring together African legislators to join forces in the fight against illicit financial flows and unfair tax practices on the continent.

During a discussion on "Promoting Tax Transparency in Africa," Muyunga highlighted the critical role of legislators in making taxes more transparent and fair for all. He explained that they do more than pass tax laws; they ensure we all have access to clear information about taxes, government budgets, and fair tax practices.

The State of Tax Justice 2021 by the Global Alliance for Tax Justice and Public Services International estimated that Africa lost USD 17.1 billion in 2021 due to tax evasion. Furthermore, the 2015 Thabo Mbeki panel report on illicit financial flows from Africa indicated that the continent loses an estimated $50 billion to $80 billion annually through illicit financial flows. These losses make it harder for governments to provide vital services like education and healthcare and to reduce poverty and inequality.

Muyunga stressed that paying taxes is a characteristic of good stewards of Gods creation and a moral obligation of every citizen of the Kingdom of God. He encouraged lawmakers to ensure people get quality services from their governments, fight against big companies avoiding taxes, and demand that they pay what's due.

One legislator in the discussion pointed out that corruption within African governments is a big challenge to promoting tax transparency. In his response, Muyunga encouraged lawmakers not to give up and to be brave in calling out corrupt individuals within the government who are causing harm.

Zacchaeus Campaign for Tax Justice and Reparations