21 June 2023, Geneva, Switzerland: Participants raise orange consensus cards in affirmation, as the World Council of Churches central committee gathers in Geneva on 21-27 June 2023, for its first full meeting following the WCC 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe in 2022.


The churches include the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria, Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Apostolic Pentecostal Church International, and the Union of Evangelical Free Churches in Germany.

The central committee also officially recognized two international ecumenical organizations in a working relationship with WCC, including the International Association of Women Ministers and Church and Peace.

The central committee, receiving the Assembly Youth Statement, also affirmed the establishment of youth advisors and their presence as a way to address the inadequate number of young people elected at the WCC 11th Assembly. The central committee also recommended that this category not be a recurring solution” but proposed a strategy be developed starting now to ensure that youth will be represented at the next assemblies at 25%.”

Further, the central committee recommended that the request for youth presidents should be considered in the strategy” and that the youth engagement office will facilitate the formulation of the strategy.”

The central committee received the assembly evaluation with appreciation and refers it to the next assembly planning committee and assembly worship planning committee.

The central committee also received the Report of the Permanent Committee on Consensus and Collaboration and the Guidelines for Relationships and Cooperation between the WCC and REOs.

Report of the Policy Reference Committee 

Photo gallery of the WCC Central committee meeting

WCC Central committee meeting, June 2023