woman carries water Uganda

A Dinka woman carries water in the Rhino Refugee Camp in northern Uganda. As of April 2017, the camp held almost 87,000 refugees from South Sudan, and more people were arriving daily. 


In previous years, Seven Weeks for Water has focused on the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific, North America, and Europe, all in conjunction with the focus of the WCCs Pilgrimages of Justice and Peace.

Readers this year will have the opportunity to revisit previous yearsbiblical reflections, all of which invite readers to use the season of Lent to reflect on Gods gift of water.

While water has a strong spiritual significance in the Christian tradition as a gift of God and an important element that contributes to the fullness of life for all, billions lack access to clean water.

The WCC is encouraging member churches around the world to use these resources during the Lenten period for small group Bible studies or personal meditations. 

The WCC Ecumenical Water Network will also organise a series of webinars featuring authors of the reflections.

The year 2023 is crucial for the water community. For the first time in almost 50 years, the United Nations is organizing a global water conference at the UN headquarters in New York from 22-24 March, kicking off with World Water Day.  

On 23 February, a webinar organised by the People’s Water Forum, a founding member of the WCC Ecumenical Water Network, will focus on the importance of the 2023 UN Water Conference and the opportunities it presents for movements and local governments to defend water.

Since 2008, the WCC – through Seven Weeks for Water – has been providing weekly theological reflections and other resources on water for the seven weeks of Lent and for World Water Day, which always falls during the Lenten period.

Read the first Bible study of the 2023 collection: "The rainbow color of the pilgrimage of water justice in North America", by Michele Roberts

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