A gathering of the Middle East Council of Churches 12th General Assembly

The message calls for “renouncing violence and fanaticism of all kinds and forms, rejecting extremism, terrorism, exclusion and discrimination based on religion, race, color, gender, and others” as well as “solidarity with the marginalized and vulnerable, refugees and displaced persons, and an appeal to officials and the international community to work for their return to their land.”

The General Assembly also calls for “respecting the freedom of belief, consolidating the values of citizenship and a common life with the Muslim brothers with whom we share a mutual respect,” as well as “supporting churches and believers in Jerusalem, the duty to preserve the holy places, and reminding the international community and the peoples of the world of the importance of strengthening the Christian presence in the City of Peace.”

The message continues: “The General Assembly stresses that the Christian presence is at the core of the entity of this East, and that Christians have made great contributions to building their countries and their prosperity, and they will remain rooted in this land and genuine partners in its renaissance and building its present and future, no matter how intensified the storms and challenges are.”

The message concludes: “We ask mercy for the victims of violence, and consolation for the afflicted. So we walk courageously in the paths of our lives, and we continue our witness to our faith, and our fidelity to the Gospel of love, joy and peace, holding on to our land and the heritage of our fathers and grandfathers, and trusting the words of the Lord saying: ‘Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid’ (Matthew 14:27).”

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