Photo: Church of Sweden

Photo: Church of Sweden

The International Council of Christians and Jews held its annual conference in Lund, Sweden on 30 June through 3 July with the theme: “Transformations Within and Between: How Does Our New Relationship Affect Christians and Jewish Self-Understandings?”

Approximately 160 participants representing many organizations, including the World Council of Churches, came from 23 nations. They began the conference in the Lutheran Cathedral of Lund with greetings from local religious and civic leaders.

In addition, they also explored how the self-understanding of Jews and Christians has been impacted by getting to know the other better. A series of workshops examined interreligious interactions in more depth, then a plenary considered how rising nationalist sentiments affect intergroup relations. The rising incidence of antisemitism was also highlighted, and the group also explored various interreligious themes including problematic hymn lyrics, the 1947 Seelisberg conference, and “Judaizing” and “philosemitism” in contemporary society.

The International Abrahamic Forum brought presenters from Singapore, Iran, Italy, Germany, and the USA.

The WCC and the International Council of Christians and Jews have been in contact for a long time. The WCC holds observer status in the International Council of Christians and Jews Executive Board.


WCC programme for inter-religious dialogue and cooperation

WCC, IJCIC agree to restore formal relations, strengthen communication, WCC press release 28 June