Participants of the "Working together" meeting in Bossey

Participants of the "Working together" meeting held in Bossey, Switzerland on 3-4 May 2022. 


The gathering is also a place for mapping the future as the WCC anticipates a new programme and funding cycle beyond the assembly.

Participants are gathering with a spirit voiced by the apostle Paul: Welcome one another, just as Christ has welcomed us.” This marks the first time the group is together in-person since 2019.

"Weve been discussing questions such as: What have we been able to do together? What  learnings do we take forward, especially toward the WCC 11th Assembly and beyond?” said Patti Talbot, team leader for the United Church's Global Partnership Program. Most of WCCs programmes are the result not of a single year, but several—the outcome of dialogue, learning, review.”

As the WCC 11th Assembly quickly approaches, Working Together participants will finalize cooperation between WCC staff and specialized ministries to resource the assembly. They will also exchange learnings, envision directions and identify collaborative opportunities. Finally, they will be initiating reflection about the 2023-2030 cycle of shared witness and work.

I give thanks for the tremendous commitment and compassion of those gathered,” said Rev. Nathan Day Wilson, WCC liaison to specialized ministries. I wanted this years gathering to stress that we are partners, collaborators, essential members of the one ecumenical movement.”

WCC Working Together is an annual meeting to increase the shared knowledge between specialized ministries and the WCC in order to strengthen collaboration and mutual support, particularly in relation to WCC programmatic work, and to enhance WCC planning and reporting mechanisms.

Photos from the "Working Together" meeting in Bossey