Thursdays in Black quilt patches

Quilt patches prepared for the #ThursdaysinBlack Waterfall of Solidarity and Resistance by Siuntio parish in Finland.

The quilt patches will eventually be part of a Thursdays in Black global exhibit, Waterfall of Solidarity and Resistance,” to be displayed at the World Council of Churches’ 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Juhana Malme, deacon of the Siuntio parish, shared how the task of making panels is well-suited for people of all ages in different kinds of groups, and encouraged churches across the world to create their own.

We carried out this activity with youth, in our retired peoples gathering, and in our mental health group,” said Malme.

Everyone in the groups had a chance to draw and illustrate the panels at their own pace. I chose not to lead any discussion on the topic because I wanted to give space for everyone to access this in their own way,” he said. I also thought that the work that everyone does to prepare the cloth panel is more relevant than talking.”

Creating panels for the Waterfall of Solidarity and Resistance” is a way of speaking out in a creative way, added Malme.

It is important that we do not stay silent about these issues,” he said. ‘“Let us show compassion and understanding towards all those people who have had to experience violence in their past or who still experience it.”

Learn more and make your own panel for the Waterfall.