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Congratulations to new Bishop of Borg

The WCC general secretary extends his heartfelt congratulations to the new Bishop of Borg on behalf of the World Council of Churches.

15 November 2011

Geneva, 15 November 2011

A threefold congratulation!

It is my privilege to extend the heartfelt congratulations to you on behalf of the World Council of Churches, for three reasons:

First of all, we rejoice with you in your appointment as Bishop of Borg Diocese! May the Triune God give you all the strength and joy you need for this very important ministry in the Church of Norway! We are convinced that you will bring unique competence and experience to this work and position from your many years in the international diaconal work of Norwegian Church Aid, your longstanding involvement in the ecumenical movement, and many years of strategic leadership in these activities. This will be an asset for the diocese, the Church of Norway and its Bishop's Conference, but also for the world wide church fellowship to which the diocese and the Church of Norway belong.

Secondly, it is my honour to express thanks and congratulations for the many years of outstanding work and contributions to the international ecumenical fellowship, and particularly to the World Council of Churches which you have offered through your 17 years as General Secretary of the Norwegian Church Aid. Through your leadership NCA has remained one of the pillars we can count on in the ecumenical movement. You have generously given of your time and insight, with enthusiastic and highly profiled contributions, sharing the spiritual and moral vision of the WCC. For all this we give thanks and express congratulations for the tenure finished by this transition to a new role in the Church of Norway.

Thirdly, I want to express my personal congratulations and warm wishes for your 60th birthday on November 22. Your friendship and your personal support have been a great gift to me, and we rejoice in thanksgiving for the blessings of your life as you celebrate with friends and colleagues. 

As I learn that this day of your birthday is the last in your present office, I also extend the best wishes for the Norwegian Church Aid. May God bless the many colleagues and the many important initiatives taken by your organization, and may NCA continue to be a strong partner with the World Council of Churches as it has been under your leadership!

Yours in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
WCC general secretary