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Statement to the Fiji Council of Churches and the Assembly of the Christian

06 December 2006

6 December, 2006

The World Council of Churches has received with shock and profound distress
the news of yet another military coup in Fiji. The manner in which the military
authorities have dismissed the elected Prime Minister of the country is in total
disregard of democratic norms and principles of governance. The action of the
military is in violation of the constitution and is tantamount to subversion of the
rule of law which Fiji can ill afford at this critical juncture. In the 21st century
there should be no justification for military coups anywhere. Any political problems
should be solved through democratic processes.

The repercussions of this military take-over will impact the national economy
and create adverse consequences for the welfare and well-being of the people. The
military coup has therefore not only been condemned by the local churches, but
also by the neighbouring countries in the region and beyond.

The World Council of Churches appeals to the military leadership in Fiji to restore
the democratic process before further damage, as the result of division and confrontation,
is done to the country and its people. The World Council of Churches
remains in solidarity with the churches and the people of Fiji as they pass through
this critical period.

Assuring you of prayers and support,

Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia
General Secretary
World Council of Churches