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Bossey honoured by Romanian cultural award

27 August 2004

Free photo available, see below.

A diploma of excellence was awarded to the Bossey Ecumenical Institute by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania, honouring Bossey's efforts to promote cooperation between people and churches.

The award, presented by the Romanian secretary of state for cultural affairs, Mr Laurentiu Tanase, on behalf of the minister of culture and religious affairs, Mr Razan Theodorescu, was received by Fr Dr Ioan Sauca, Director of the Ecumenical Institute of Bossey in Baile, Herculane, Romania, on 21 August 2004.

The award-giving ceremony took place as part of a symposium of former Bossey students from Romania. The first encounter of its kind in the country, the symposium was hosted by Bishop Laurentiu Streza of the Romanian Orthodox Church diocese of Caransebesului, and sponsored by the ministry of culture.

The symposium was attended by numerous religious leaders of the Romanian Orthodox Church, including Archbishop Daniel Ciobotea, Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina, as well as directors of several theological seminaries.

An outcome of the symposium was the decision to make it a regular event, and to create an association for that purpose, to be called "Churches in dialogue and cooperation".

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